Pilates is a Unique Exercise Method

Everyday activities such as sitting, standing, running, playing sports, dancing or working out in gym, strengthen some muscle groups but may leave other muscle groups weaker and underdeveloped. This results in imbalances, which cause fatigue, discomfort, pain and even immobility.

The Pilates method can have a profound effect on everyone, all levels of health and fitness. Once it’s tried it becomes a way of life. At Mind & Body Wellness Studio inc. you will experience a healthy environment where one receives individualized assistance to achieve optimum health and well-being. Our Professional Certified Instructors will assist, advise and inspire you through a personalized program for your special needs, paying strict attention to proper form and technique.

Introducing Foundation Training

We are now incorporating Foundation Training. Foundation Training is an innovative movement improvement program designed specifically to help you roll back the damage done and, more importantly, to help you become that pain-free and more powerful person we all aspire to be.

Gail DeSart was approached by Dr. Eric Goodman to consult and assist in the creation of the FT Certification. Once she learned what FT was and felt its impact in her body she gladly accepted this task and joined the small FT family. In December of 2012, the FT Certification was launched and Gail became the first officially Certified FT Instructor!

In 2014, Gail became a Master Instructor and has since taught at each of the FT Certifications. She is the head of the FT Core Elements Workshop program and loves traveling all over the country and the world presenting this valuable material. Wearing yet another hat, Gail also serves as the FT Assessment Auditor and is responsible for reviewing and approving all the student graduation requirements. taught around the globe.

Gail brings a wealth of knowledge with over 30 years of experience and passion as a fitness instructor and presenter. Since 2002, she has owned and operated Mind and Body Wellness Studio in Ventura, CA. where she integrates Foundation Training with Pilates and a variety of other fitness modalities.